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October 10, 2022
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Aaron Gilbert

DBT for Best Skills, Best Actions….Best Life!

What is DBT?

DBT has a simple mission to help you build a life worth living. A life worth living is defined by you and not anyone else. It is not a protocol to make you more acceptable to others.

The Dialectical part is working with powerful opposing forces which together can lead to major improvement. The practice of acceptance is key, the more we can accept ourselves without berating or judging, the more change is possible.

The Behavior part recognizes that emotions, thoughts and feelings, either positive or negative, influence behaviors and vice versa. This principle is noticed carefully as you move through our program.

Who is DBT for?

DBT is not a suicide prevention program. it is not just for people with borderline personality disorder. While it is great for people in those conditions, it works well with anyone who is experiencing severe symptoms such as guilt, shame, anger, sadness, mood lability, self-harm, suicidal thinking, hopelessness, poor relationships The core concepts and skills of DBT can be a part of any healthy and happy life and may be just right for you.

The key concepts of DBT

How Long Does DBT Take to start feeling better

You may begin to feel better right away knowing that you have made a commitment to a clinically proven effective treatment, and you may be able to feel the effects of the skills and insight you are gaining quickly. However, the full benefit takes more time and practice. Certainly within 4-6 months you will likely see significant improvement

Do I need to be in DBT Treatment Forever?

Absolutely not. DBT is a tool to get back to your life, it is not a way of life. You likely will want to take a refresher course of DBT in the future as forgetting and falling back is a part of life, but as said before the single goal is to help you build a life worth living not to be in therapy forever.

How Do I Get Started?

Boston Evening Therapy offers a DBT skills group online. Learn more about this group or sign up at:

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