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Teletherapy is now widely available at Boston Evening Therapists Associates. Our reliable and secure platform is completely HIPAA compliant. If this option appeals to you or if travel to our office is difficult, please contact us here. Please choose the “teletherapy” option in the contact form if that is your preference.
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What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is online therapy. There are many terms for teletherapy, including online therapy, distance therapy, e-therapy, Internet therapy, web therapy, virtual therapy or distance counseling. There is also phone therapy, but this is distinct from teletherapy which occurs over the internet. Whatever you call it, teletherapy always is therapy at a distance facilitated by electronic communication.

Teletherapy also enables clients to meet with therapists during this period of enforced physical distancing and keeps clients and therapists safer.

Features of our online therapy:

100% HIPPA compliant. No download, login or password required.
Safe and most secure, high quality connection
Outstanding, talented, compassionate therapists
Convenient access to superb therapy on your schedule

As licensed Massachusetts therapists, we can only offer teletherapy services to MA residents or to people
physically in Massachusetts at the time of therapy.

Types of Teletherapy We Offer:

Relationship Issues
Parenting Issues
Grief and Depression

Food & Eating Issues
Mindfulness and Meditation
Anger Management
Alcohol/Substance Abuse/Gambling
PTSD/Trauma/Sexual Trauma

Our licensed phychologists, therapists and counselors offer a range of approaches including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, DBT, Narrative, Solution Focused,ACT, Structural Family Systems, Psychodynamic, MBCT

Is Online Therapy Effective?

*Please note that numerous studies indicate that regardless of a therapist’s area of specialization or approach, it is the quality of trust, consistency and connection in the therapy relationship which is most important to successful outcome. All of our therapists embrace this view.

Teletherapy will be great alternative for many people. It is clearly not the same as face-to-face interaction, and there are upsides such as not working about the hassle of parking, or the stress of being in a waiting room.

Teletherapy is amazing for people who thrive with online therapy. Demographics such as the elderly without transportation, those with busy schedules, parents that must be home with children, patients in remote areas, patients in small towns who don’t want everyone in the city knowing they are getting therapy.

How Much Does Teletherapy Cost?

As it stands, the price of Teletherapy has been decreasing in recent years. As it becomes widely accepted and
offered more frequently, Teletherapy is now covered by most insurances and it is reasonably priced against most in-person doctor visits.

How Do I Set Up Online Therapy?

As treatment varies based on regions. Teletherapy is now being offered as an option at most health clinics as an alternative. Additionally, in recent years many websites have emerged such a which make it easy for anyone in the world to get quality Teletherapy no matter what location they are in.

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Scheduling an online therapy appointment is the first step towards seeking the help you need. At Boston Evening Therapy Associates, we are dedicated to making the process fast and easy for you. Our mission is to provide meaningful and effective therapy, and we are committed to working together to help you create positive and lasting changes for your best life.
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