Jeanne Tomich

Works with:

  • Adults
  • Young adults
  • Older adolescents
  • Couples

Therapy Approach:

My original training involved a psychodynamic view of personality development. I use this as a foundation for treatment but over many years of practice I have also been trained in other approaches, including motivational interviewing, mindfulness, DBT and solution focused treatment.  As a result, I use a more eclectic approach that is targeted for each client and their own goals. I have worked in both the juvenile and adult court clinics and have experience with high risk clients.


Issues that bring a client to therapy can include short term as well as long term problems involving relationships, depression, anxiety, loss, as well as other types of emotional discomfort.  My specific specialties are dealing with stress, trauma, depression, and couples’ relationships.

Get to Know:

I have a calm, supportive manner and respect each client’s goals and pace. While change is the usual goal of therapy, change is not always easy.  I want to talk about the client’s life story and how it affects their current behaviors and relationships with others.  At the same time, it is key to manage any uncomfortable symptoms that can impede day-to-day functioning. There are methods that can help with more immediate issues.  I appreciate the effort clients make in deciding to seek treatment and I want to make each session a safe place to talk about their concerns.

Professional Training:

Loyola University of Chicago, M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology