Dyanne P. London

Works with:

Adolescents, College Students, All ages of adults

Therapy Interventions:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interviewing


Alcohol and other drugs
Trauma related issues
Women issues
Bipolar Disorder
Dual Diagnosis
Immigration issues
Minority and Ethnic issues
Chronic Illness
Adjustment Disorder

Approach to therapy

My approach to therapy has evolved over time. As a seasoned clinician and licensed psychologist, I have worked with all sorts of people having various psychiatric diagnoses over the years.

I have worked at community health center clinics, hospitals, shelters, inpatient settings and schools. I believe you cannot just make a diagnosis of a person without getting to know each person as an individual and looking at the person not as pathological but how the person is responding to his/her environment.

I believe that much of the work of therapy involves taking a step back, re-assessing judgments and values, looking at a person's culture and family background. It is important to acknowledge how these variables impact on a person's functioning while also looking at a person's strengths. In addition, I assess how and what they are doing to make themselves feel better and to cope. I work with the client to obtain referrals to complementary health , e.g., acupuncture, reiki, massage, psycho- educational resources, 12 step groups, etc, which are important adjuncts to the clinical work I do with the client.

Collaboration is important between the client and me in setting goals to achieve in treatment.

Professional Training

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - Boston University
M.S. in Psychology - Pennsylvania State University
M.A. in Human Development - and Guidance Columbia University
B.A. in Psychology - New York University