Daniel Wolf

Therapy Approach

My approach to therapy is personally tailored based in effective practices such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic theory. Therapy is a collaborative process providing a comfortable space to explore thoughts, patterns, and comprehensive understanding of your needs. The emphasis is not on immediate resolution of issues within the session but to promote a way of thinking that can be carried into your everyday life and applied where it is truly needed. We work in partnership to identify thinking or behavior that has not effectively served your needs while acknowledging strengths and skills that do support your goals. I believe these practices align to empower you to direct your course and attain fulfillment across all areas of life.


• Depression
• Anxiety
• Self-Esteem
• Dual Diagnosis
• Intellectual/Developmental Disability

Get to Know

Therapy helps us gain footing when the ground seems to crumble beneath our feet, it provides a sounding board for our hearts, and an incubator for growth. Therapy is sought out for a variety of reasons but, ultimately, we are looking for harmony within ourselves and a mutually positive relationship with our surroundings. Therapy begins with that willingness to pick up the phone, walk in the door or click submit and truly effective therapy begins with the recognition that you have a companion in your journey walking alongside you. For ten years, I worked with developmentally disabled adults and their families in the metro Boston area. Together we’ve navigated life transitions, employment, structural family changes, emotional regulation, balance between independence and connectedness, and aging in place among other challenges. It is through this lens of marginalized populations, complex family systems, and individual growth I approach therapy within the context of outpatient practice. I am eternally grateful for the experiences of the past and anticipate our journey together as we move into the future.