Looking for a Female Therapist in the Boston Area?

Fmale Boston Therapists, Female Counselors & Female Psychologists - Boston Evening TherapyOur Boston Evening Therapy staff is comprised of the top therapists, counselors, and psychologists in the Boston area.  Our diverse staff consists of both male and female therapists who are trained to counsel patients of all ages and genders.

Many of our patients have a specific preference for a female therapist and we are well-staffed to meet those preferences. This can be the case for both male and female patients but often and most particularly many of our women patients seek to work with other women.

We have a number of female therapists who are highly skilled and particularly well versed in Feminist Theory and its approach to psychotherapy with women.

What is Feminist Theory?

Feminist Theory recognizes that in addition to the psychological and family issues that are typically present in therapy, it is vital to recognize cultural and societal issues that specifically affect women, people of color, LGBTQ and other marginalized populations. Issues that involve sexual abuse or trauma, domestic violence or abuse as well as eating disorders, body-image dysphoria, social anxiety are also often issues that are relevant.

At our practice, we believe that the single most important feature of any successful therapy begins with the quality of the connection between patient and therapist.

A deep level of trust, empathy, connection and understanding is vital no matter what form of therapy is being pursued. Being truly and profoundly heard and understood by a therapist can help create an environment for healing, growth and renewal and ultimately for very successful therapy.

The development of a thriving and vital therapy relationship with a female therapist can also be an important and empowering experience for some patients and can be both reparative of past traumas and problematic relationships and create new visions of healthy possibilities and identification of important personal strengths in the present.

Meet Our Female Boston Evening Therapists

You can learn more about our female therapists on our Meet Our Boston Evening Therapists page.  Read their Profiles to discover which therapist is best suited to your needs and treatment and then contact us to schedule your appointment.

If you would like more information about the female therapists or would like to schedule an appointment with one, feel free to contact us by phone at (617) 738-1480 or fill out our online form. We provide private pay options and accept a number of major health insurance programs.

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