How To Meditate, Visualize, And Achieve Happiness Videos

Few therapists have such a mastery of either Eastern or Western therapeutic and personal growth practices as Dan Brown, PhD, let alone both.

Boston Evening Therapy Associates (BETA) therapists recently attended an intensive conference in the technique of meditation and visualization and the attainment of peak performance in every day life. Our clinic Director, Aaron Gilbert interviewed Dr. Brown on topics such as the goal of psychotherapy, spiritual and personal development, role of the psychotherapist, concepts such as languishing and flourishing, peak performance, and tips for happiness. From these interviews, we created 6 quick videos on our Youtube video channel that we are sure you will find insightful. Please let us know which one you like the best!

Feel free to click on the video to be directed to the corresponding Youtube page.

Is the Goal of Psychotherapy the Absence of Psychopathology or Optimal Mental Health?

Should Systems of Well Being Be Focused on Spiritual and Personal Development?

Is the Role of the Psychotherapist to Help People Elaborate Their Larger Purpose in Life?

What are the Concepts of Languishing and Flourishing? Achieving Happiness in Life

How Can One Find Flow and Peak Performance in Life with a Boring Job?

Tips for Happiness;What Can One Do To Be Happy in This Emotional Life?