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Rae Cuffe, LICSW on Relational Therapy

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November 14, 2014
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Rae Cuffe
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My passion for working with people who have undergone chronic and complex trauma has grown even stronger over the last several years. I am motivated by working with people who are unsure what therapy could actually bring them, and prove to them that practicing newly learned skills, acquiring new personal insight, and actually the therapeutic relationship in and of itself -can and will produce change.

My background originated in community mental health, specializing in in-home family therapy work and leading groups at a partial hospital for adults. Over the years, I have worked both with two-parent and single-parent households, male and female teenagers, both male and female young adults, and children as young as three years old. Working with couples is a passion of mine, as a “coupling” is the most basic of human relationships. Think of the parent-child dyad or sibling dyad, which are also of utter importance within a family unit. Relationships are paramount in our lives, and the importance their role has upon our health is significant. I value the dynamics and interplay of relationships, and am interested to explore them with you.

My past experiences enable my capability to enjoy interacting with a diversity of people - in age, gender, sexual preference, ethnic background, and many other differences that exist within the human race. As I continue to post blogs, I aim to connect with many of you. When people look to therapy for help, they may not know the variety of therapeutic approaches that exist. I plan to outline some of them over the next several months.

My clients’ relationships, including their relationship to themselves, fascinate me. And we will form a relationship – that is what Relational Therapy is. This is why our relationship will be of paramount importance to me. You can give it a name, or a theory, or call it what you will, but our relationship- albeit always professional, is still a connection between two people for a common goal. The common goal will be to address the reasons you sought out therapy, and perhaps discover along the way something you didn’t even know was important to you.

When we meet, you can anticipate feeling warmly welcomed, instantly. My goal is to help you feel comfortable to explore yourself in non-judgmental space. This trust between us is what will enable your healing to begin. The journey, as I mentioned in my Bio on the website, is complex for each and every one of us (whether explicit trauma has played a role in our story or not). I recognize that each person has a unique experience to share, and I will respect and honor that. I am confident that upon leaving our time together, you will come away with increased clarity. It’s up to you how much you will let this will ultimately impact your life moving forward.

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