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About the City of Watertown

wtWatertown Massachusetts, which is technically a city but chose to retain the “town” designation,  was incorporated in 1630. Lying along the banks of the Charles River just northwest of Brighton, Watertown is approximately 8 miles from downtown Boston. Its proximity to Boston makes it a desirable location for families, and it was ranked #26 in Wallethub’s 2017 Best Places to Live for Families.

Watertown’s population of 31,915 is divided among several neighborhoods, including East Watertown, the West End and Bemis. Watertown has a significant Armenian population, and it is home to the Armenian Library & Museum of America. Another point of interest is Mt. Auburn Cemetery, the first landscaped cemetery in the U.S.

Fun and uplifting things to do in Watertown

To start your day off on the right foot in this lovely town, be sure to visit one of Watertown's many family-owned businesses. From breakfast at diner or grabbing lunch near Lake Moniazepha, it won't take long before you're ready for more enjoyable things do in this quaint New England town!

Nestled between Cambridge and Boston along route 89A is a hidden gem known as "The pulpit village." This area has seen its population grow exponentially due water tower street which houses some really great restaurants such as The Red Hatch Shell (a seafood spot)and Central Perk Coffee House & Cafe where they serve up delicious lattes alongside freshly made scones everyday morning

If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can take a boat ride on the Charles River or visit New England's oldest lighthouse! There is also an active theater scene with new theatres like New Repertory Theatre opening up soon!

Watertown has built its reputation as one of America's safest cities thanks largely because everything shuts down-literally every light turns off for about 45 minutes during each night when everyone heads home from work -and then starts back up again bright at 6AM sharp without fail no matter what happens outside over 18 hours straight.

Also be sure to visit one of Watertown's parks such as Riverside, Brandt-Quirk, or Silver Creek!

More information about recreational activities can be found at https://recreation.watertown-ma.gov/

Our Therapists Serving Watertown can help you with:

Major hospitals and health providers serving Watertown include:

Mt. Auburn Hospital
330 Mt. Auburn Street
(617) 492-3500

St. Elizabeth’s Health Care
77 Warren Street
(617) 562-5250

Watertown Harvard Vanguard
485 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA
(617) 972-5100

McLean Hospital (psychiatric)
115 Mill St.
(800) 333-0338

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