Nicholas Whooley


Works with:

Addiction, adults, Elderly adults, LGBTQIA +, Couples (poly dynamic)

Therapy Approach:

I work with clients to focus on the internal work, prompting change from within to effect how clients respond to stressors in their environment. Working closely with the clients to determine the root cause of the problem to establish a strong foundation to execute effective change. With a strong focus on coping skill development, I apply the fundamental and traditional practices of talk therapy and motivational discussion, in conjunction with acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive restructuring. With concentrated areas of trauma and micro trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault, LGBTQIA+ and clients in transition,  Addiction and recovery, couples dynamics ( polyamous, traditional, and none traditional relationships).  I have worked in residential level of care, intensive outpatient care, and in-home therapy settings as well as crisis tela-health.


Sex-positive/Kink positive
Substance use
Domestic violence
Life Transitions
Professional Training:
B.S. in Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston
M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, Cambridge College
PhD candidate with the Chicago school of professional psychology.