Nancy Leung

Works with:

  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • LGBT Friendly

Therapy Approach:

I believe in working with clients to help them suffer less, understand themselves more, and recognize triggers and how to cope with them. I believe everyone knows themselves better than anyone and with proper support and facilitating, one can gain immense insights and skills to achieve a higher quality of life. Working together with me, you will be in a client-centered, respectful, and understanding environment.

CBT Approach (for OCD or ruminations): Whether you are newly experiencing OCD symptoms, contemplating ERP Therapy (Exposure Response Prevention), relapsing, or need help with exposures for ERP  — I can assist and support you as we work together with the goal of overcoming your symptoms. I have more than 4 years of clinical work experience in acute psychiatric settings. I am supportive of CBT for OCD because I have seen tremendous positive changes it can bring. Having OCD is painful but you do not have to suffer.


  • Persistent Intrusive Thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Negative thinking Patterns/ Ruminations

Get to Know:

I have over 4 years of work experience in acute psychiatric settings. I also volunteered for the Samaritans, a suicide prevention hotline for 3 years. I have come across clients/patients with many different diagnoses over the years and have recognized what I can be most helpful in. From those work experiences, I have gained skills in supportive counseling, listening, and learned how to be an efficient partner for clients to help them achieve short and long term goals. My therapeutic methods consist of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

After a year of working as a therapist at BETA, it is clear that I want this to be my lifetime occupation. It has been so rewarding to watch clients learn, grow, and effectively manage their symptoms.

Professional Training:

Springfield College, Master’s of Social Work, 2015

4 Hours Virtual Training (2021) with renowned anxiety psychologist Dr. Reid Wilson (author of “Stopping the Noise in Your Head”)

Over 4 years of clinical work experience in acute psychiatric settings and 1 year at BETA

RF-ERP training (2023) with renowned Dr. Michael Greenberg (weekly for 8 weeks)