A Successful Combination Of Medication and Psychotherapy Can Help You Not Only Get By, But Thrive

Medication Treats Symptoms

It is often said that medication alone is not sufficient in the treatment of many psychological problems. Medication can treat symptoms but not the underlying issues that contribute to psychological distress. Many individuals in therapy can benefit from the addition of medication to their treatment resulting in the ideal overall treatment plan.

This is particularly true in treatment of depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders and substance abuse.

Combined Treatment Superior

In study after study, combined treatment with psychotherapy and medication was found to be notably superior to either treatment alone.

Many patients receive medication from their primary care physicians who often have limited knowledge of the subtleties of psychiatric medications.

Good psychiatrists are hard to find; the good ones are even harder to get appointments with. Most therapists will share their frustration of having their patient’s treatment disrupted by pharmacologists who don’t communicate with them and make unnecessary changes to the patient’s prescriptions.

BETA Offers Psychiatric Evaluation

BETA is excited to offer psychiatric evaluation and determined to meet the medication needs of our clients.

I am a Board Certified psychiatrist trained at Harvard and Tufts who also has taken the Boards in Addiction Psychiatry. I studied Psychotherapy and Freudian Analysis in the University of Tel Aviv in Israel where I received my medical degree. I have done research on psych medications, including important research on Prozac showing its beneficial effects on PTSD (post-?traumatic stress disorder) with trauma expert Bessel VanderKolk MD.

I have taught fellows, residents and medical students in addition to an absolute devotion to providing the very best care I possibly can to my patients.

Therapy Is Essential

Individuals already seen in this practice will get superior care because the communication between your therapist and me will be unencumbered. If you come to me for a medication evaluation and it turns out that you need a good therapist, I likely can quickly find an excellent match for you within our practice. I am a strong believer that all patients receiving medication should be in therapy as well. I am committed to working with you in any ways that I can to be helpful to you in your important and brave decision to seek improved well being.