Boston Evening Therapy Associates (BETA), LLC, provides coaching services to those who wish to clarify values and personal goals, develop a "life plan" in concert with these values and to work with you to help define and attain your unique vision of meaning and success.

What is Coaching?

Life coaching: A Life coach works with a client to enhance personal growth, help modify unwanted behaviors,and help with goal setting and achievement. Life coached believe that most people can achieve their goals with adequate guidance. Life coaches act as mentors to assist the client through the process of identifying and taking the actions necessary to create a desired future. Life coaching differs from therapy in that they do not focus on past events or analyze past family issues. The life coach creates a series of attainable steps, helps people to overcome their fears and achieve balance in their personal and professional life.

Business Coaching
: A Business coach helps owners, or prospective owners of small and medium sized businesses with their business goals. The focus of business coaching can include sales, marketing, management, career, team building and other challenges. Business coaches help people to identify and explore options to solving work related issues. The ultimate goal of business coaching is to help the business owner improve the effectiveness of their business.Coaching is not the best choice in all cases. It is less effective with individuals who are dealing with specific issues such as depression, anxiety or significant interpersonal conflicts. In these cases, therapy is a better option. Coaching services are private pay only and not covered by any health insurance.

Who We Help? Our coaching clientele are:

  • Individuals wrestling with a life transition
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • Company Executives
  • People jump starting a career
  • People seeking to find balance between family, career and personal needs.

What Our Coaching Service Can Do For You We Provide Coaching For:

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