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From time to time, we all require a little help. Mental health is an essential aspect of our well-being that most people overlook.

If you’ve never had therapy before, you’re likely to have some fears and misconceptions that have kept you from attending your first session.

This is about to change!

We’ll assist you in taking the initial step toward living your best life. 

On this page, we’ll discuss and answer all of your questions and concerns regarding therapy, including how to find a competent therapist, how much therapy will cost, and how to fit therapy into a busy life.

Let’s get right into it.

How Do I Find A Therapist in Springfield, MA? 

Making the decision to try therapy could be the greatest life-changing decision you ever make!

Before scheduling an appointment with a therapist, double-check that the therapist is licensed and accredited. The letters “LMHC” or “LICSW” should always stand after a therapist’s name. The letters “Ph.D.” should stand after the surname of psychologists.

When dealing with a mental health problem, getting professional support is crucial. You must have faith in your therapist’s ability to help you.

It’s a good idea to talk to friends who have already gone through treatment. However, if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your mental health with others or don’t want to see the same therapist as someone you know, looking for therapists online is a terrific option you may not have considered.

You can even consult with a therapist via the internet.

The best thing is that selecting online therapy gives you access to a far bigger pool of therapists than simply relying on a therapist in your area.

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How Does Online and Teletherapy Work?

Using an audio or video call, online and teletherapy provide access to a professional and licensed therapist. The patient and therapist interact with each other the same way they would in a conventional therapy session.

You only need an internet connection, a phone, computer, or tablet to start your first therapy session from the comfort of your home.

You talk with your therapist online in the same way you would in a face-to-face session.

What Are the Benefits of Teletherapy and Online Therapy?

There are numerous benefits. You won’t have to travel to your therapist’s office, which is one of the most significant benefits.

Traveling to an office increases the amount of time you must devote to therapy, and it may even add unnecessary stress to your life.

Furthermore, you never have to worry about running into someone you know in front of your therapist’s office when you use online therapy.

Nobody will ever know you’re seeing a therapist if you don’t tell anyone.

Another benefit is that you can speak with someone without leaving your house. Many people needing treatment prefer to do so at home rather than in a therapist’s office.

In comparison to in-office therapy, online and teletherapy are far more accessible. Give it a try. It’ll amaze you how simple it is.

Does Teletherapy and Online Therapy Work?

Teletherapy and online therapy are both extremely effective.

With the support of online psychotherapy, many patients have already made significant progress in their mental health journey. You can, too!

Because online therapy is so much more convenient, most people who try it never return to traditional in-office therapy.

How To Get Started with Therapy?

You can begin your online therapy journey by simply filling out this form.

A therapist will contact you directly when the form has been assessed. That’s how simple it is.

How Much Does Psychotherapy in Springfield, MA Cost? 

The cost of psychotherapy in Springfield, MA, varies a great deal. Before you book an appointment, make sure you are comfortable with what the therapist has to offer and the cost of sessions. 

We at Boston Evening Therapy Associates think therapy should be affordable and accessible. We offer online therapy at a private pay rate of $165 per session. 

Does Insurance cover therapy?

Many therapists accept insurance. Check to see what insurance coverage your therapist accepts before scheduling a session.

Boston Evening Therapy Associates accepts major insurance plans such as Blue Cross, Optum/Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna, Tufts, Partners, and others. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

Before you schedule an appointment, call your insurance company to double-check that you’re covered.


How To Know What Kind Of Therapy Is Right For You?

Patients frequently have difficulty determining which treatment is best for them. In terms of therapy and counseling, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

The different types of therapy can be categorized into “schools of thought.”

Psychoanalysis is one of the most well-known types of therapy. This is a long-term treatment in which you meet with your therapist at least once a week.

Another frequently used approach is cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy aims to alter your mental and behavioral processes. It’s focused on learning how to recognize your mental patterns. You learn why you react to various events and stimuli the way you do.

Another type of therapy that many therapists employ is psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic treatment is looking into the patients past to help a patient understand why and how their past influences their current life choices and feelings. It includes psychoanalysis and is a rather extensive therapy.

There is nothing to worry about! You are not required to determine which sort of therapy is most appropriate for you.

Contacting us using our contact form is the best way forward.

We will gladly assist and advise you in choosing which sort of therapy is best for you.

Types of counseling and therapy that we can provide in Worcester, MA:

What’s The Difference Between Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Counselors?

You may be asking what the differences are between therapists, psychologists, and counselors before scheduling a session.

A counselor is a trained professional who assists patients in identifying and implementing personalized solutions to mental health issues. A counselor will assist the patient in developing coping skills and making beneficial behavioral changes.

Psychotherapists, like counselors, work with their clients to assist them improve their mental health. Counselors and therapists have similar responsibilities and deal with the same mental health issues. Anyhow, Psychotherapists, often go much deeper into their clients mental health issues to help them understand what caused them in the first place.

Psychotherapy is commonly thought of being a long-term method to improving mental health that addresses the bigger picture. In contrast, counseling is often a more situation or problem-specific short-term approach. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of overlap between the two, and a counselor or therapist can often be equally effective and qualified for various mental health issues.

Since psychologists are the best qualified out of the three, they frequently deal with clients with severe, long-term mental health difficulties.

Psychologists often work together with psychiatrists to combine the benefits of therapy with medication such as antidepressants.

Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Providers near Worcester, Ma:

When you suspect you are suffering from a more serious mental problem such as bipolar disorder, you may want to contact a larger Psychiatric Hospital or Mental Health Provider straight away. 

This is a list of mental health providers and psychiatric facilities in Springfield, MA: 

 What Activities Can I Do In Springfield, MA, to Improve My Mental Health? 

Don’t be surprised if your therapist recommends that you participate in physical and mental self-care activities to improve your outlook on life. 

Going to therapy will play a key role in improving your mental health. But just seeing a therapist once a week won’t magically change your life for the better.

You will also have to introduce positive habits that nurture your mental well-being to your weekly routine to achieve and maintain good mental health. 


There are many different types of yoga. If you have not yet tried yoga, you should give it a go. It is one of the most popular activities to take care of your physical and mental health

If you find that your sleep quality is poor, yoga can help you to relax and feel more focused. Breathing exercises are a part of yoga. Learning how to breathe to control mental anxiety helps to calm down and will make you feel less anxious. 

If you want to try out yoga around Springfield, MA, Dharma Yoga StudioHeartnSoul Yoga Health & Wellness, and Moon Sanctuary are popular options.

Walking For Fun

You can walk for fun or fitness. One thing is for sure, walking in nature can quickly improve your mental health. When you walk, you inhale oxygen, the most potent antioxidant known to man. An increased oxygen level in your bloodstream is linked to better overall health. 

Walking can have a hugely beneficial impact when you have insomnia, especially if you work in an office job and don’t get enough exercise throughout the day. 

You can either walk on your own or, better still, walk with friends or join a Walking group around Springfield. This is also a great way to meet new people.


Another form of natural therapy you can try is meditation. It has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years. 

There are many different types of meditation that you can try. Meditation is non-invasive and helps slow down your thought processes, and reminds you to take a moment for yourself. Like in Yoga, you can learn breathing techniques in meditation classes that can help if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety. 

Popular meditation classes around Springfield are Mindful Awareness Practice CenterVipassana Meditation Center and Insight Meditation Society.

Self-Help Groups

Sometimes, it is good to get together with others that find themselves in the same situation. 

The most significant value in self-help groups is that you and the other group members can keep each other accountable for implementing and sticking to habits that positively affect your mental health. 

The Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)

The A.A. is one of the most experienced self-help organizations in the United States regarding addiction problems. When you have an alcohol addiction problem and contact the A.A., you will be given access to a range of self-help solutions, including a mentor. 

Family Activities

If you and your family are going through a difficult time, it can quickly take over all your thoughts and conversations. 

Especially in difficult times, it is essential to take time for one another and make new positive memories. 

It doesn’t need to be anything expensive or extraordinary. A trip to the Forest part ZooDr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, or playing sports together might be just what you need to improve your family’s bond. 

In this blog post, you can find a year’s worth of specific family activities that you can do in and around Springfield, MA. 

In Conclusion

The best thing you can do if you’re having trouble dealing with a mental health problem is to get help from a therapist.

The sooner you contact a therapist, the sooner you can receive the appropriate therapy and assistance. It’s critical to remember that mental health is just as vital as physical health. You may feel as if your problem is overwhelming. You can, however, get back on track and begin living a happier life with a bit of guidance and counseling.

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