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We all need help once in a while. Most people disregard the vital role that mental health plays in our overall well‐being.

If you've never been to therapy, you probably have certain anxieties and misconceptions that have discouraged you from attending your first session.

This is about to change today!

We'll help you take the first step towards living your most fulfilling life possible.

On this page, we'll answer all your questions and concerns about therapy, like how to find a qualified therapist, how much therapy will cost, and how to fit therapy into a tight schedule.

So, let's get right to it.

How Do I Find A Good Therapist in Plymouth, Ma?

The decision to try therapy could be the most significant life-changing choice you'll ever make!

Before you make an appointment with a therapist, make sure they are licensed and accredited. A therapist's name should always be followed by the letters "LMHC" or "LICSW." Psychologists' surnames should be followed by the letters "Ph.D."

It's critical to get professional assistance if you're struggling with a mental health problem. You should have trust in your therapist's ability to assist you.

Talking to friends who have already gone through therapy is a good idea. If you don't want to talk about your mental health problem with others or don't want to see the same therapist as someone you know, looking for a therapist online is a great option you may not have considered.

You can even communicate with a therapist online.

The benefit of choosing online therapy is that you can access a much wider range of therapists than simply relying on therapy in your area.

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How Does Online and Teletherapy Work?

Through an audio or video conference, online and teletherapy users can access professional and certified therapists. The patient interacts with the therapist the same way they would in a conventional therapy session.

To begin your first therapy session from the convenience of your home, you only need an internet connection, a phone, computer, or tablet.

What Are The Advantages of Online and Teletherapy?

There are several advantages. One of the key benefits is that you won't need to travel to your therapist's office.

Traveling to a therapist's office takes time out of your day and may even cause you to feel more stressed.

Moreover, when you use internet therapy, you never have to be worried about running into someone you know in front of your therapist's office.

No one will ever know you're seeing a therapist if you're not comfortable telling them.

Another advantage is that you can consult a therapist or counselor from the convenience of your home. Many people seeking therapy prefer discussing their mental health difficulties at home rather than in a therapist's office.

Online and teletherapy are both significantly more accessible than in-office therapy. Don't be hesitant to try it. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

Does Teletherapy and Online Therapy Work?

Teletherapy and online therapy are both extremely effective.

Many people have advanced significantly in their paths toward mental wellness with the help of online counseling. You can do it, too!

Most people who have already tried online therapy never return to conventional therapy because it is much more convenient.

How To Get Started with Therapy?

Simply fill out this form to start your online therapy journey.

After the form has been reviewed, a therapist will contact you directly. That's how easy it is.

How Much Does Psychotherapy Cost In Plymouth, Ma?

The price of psychotherapy varies widely in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A session with a trained therapist in Plymouth can cost up to $300. Before making an appointment, make sure that you are satisfied with the therapist's services and session fees. 

We at Boston Evening Therapy Associates think therapy should be affordable and accessible. We offer online therapy at a private pay rate of $165 per session.

Does Insurance cover Psychotherapy?

A large number of therapists accept insurance. Check your therapist's insurance coverage and payment structures before scheduling a session.

At Boston Evening Therapy Associates, we accept major insurance plans such as Blue Cross, Optum/Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna, Tufts, Partners, and others. You may find out more about it by going to this page.

The majority of health insurance policies cover mental health diagnoses to some extent. Depending on your insurer, the amount covered and the amount you must pay out of pocket may differ. Call your insurance company before making an appointment if you have questions or concerns about whether or not therapy is covered by your plan or how much of it is covered.

Always ask if there are any restrictions about what kind of doctor you can see. Some insurance companies only cover certain practitioners, like therapists or psychiatrists. Others may only work with a certain list of preferred providers and won't pay for anything outside of that network. Before your insurance company considers paying for mental health treatment, they may need a recommendation from your primary care physician.

How To Know What Kind Of Therapy Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right therapy approach can often be confusing for patients. When it comes to counseling and therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

"Schools of thought" are widely used to categorize therapies.

One of the most common types of therapy is Psychoanalysis. This is a long-term therapy in which you meet your therapist at least once weekly.

Cognitive therapy is another popular method. The main focus of cognitive therapy is developing awareness and understanding of your thought processes. Cognitive therapy helps you figure out why you react to certain things and situations the way you do. This approach aims to change your thought and behavior patterns.

Some therapists also use Psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic therapy entails looking into a person's past in order to understand why and how it influences their behavior and feelings. It is a comprehensive approach that includes psychoanalysis.

No need to worry! You don't have to figure out what kind of therapy will work best for you.

The best thing to do is use our contact form to get in touch with us.

We will be happy to help you figure out what kind of therapy will work best for you.

Types of counseling and therapy that we can provide in Plymouth, MA:

What's The Difference Between Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Counselors?

If you are thinking about scheduling a session, you may be wondering what the difference is between therapists, psychologists, and counselors.

A counselor is a professional who works with patients to identify unique solutions to issues that are causing them mental stress. They aim to promote better self-esteem and communication. A counselor can assist a patient with coping skills training and behavioral interventions.

Psychotherapists are experts who assist their patients in enhancing their mental health, just like counselors do. Both counselors and therapists treat similar duties and conditions. The primary difference is that psychotherapists are considerably more in-depth and aid their patients in understanding the root causes of their mental health issues as well as how to resolve them.

Psychotherapy is usually a long-term method that looks at the bigger picture, while counseling is more of a short-term approach that focuses on a specific situation or problem. Remember that the two are very similar, and a counselor or therapist can assist you with various psychological issues equally well.

Psychologists are the most qualified professionals to help those dealing with serious, long-term mental health issues.

Psychologists and psychiatrists often work together to help people get the most out of therapy and psychopharmacology. 

Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Providers near Plymouth, Ma:

You can check yourself into a psychiatric hospital if you believe you have a serious mental health problem, feel completely out of control, and need emergency help.

These psychiatric hospitals and mental health institutions are available in and around Plymouth, MA:

What Activities Can I Do In Plymouth, Ma, to Improve My Mental Health

Aside from getting help from a counselor or therapist, integrating activities that could make you move your body or exercise your mind is an excellent way of releasing tension and stress. 

We have listed a few activities you could do around Plymouth, Ma, that could increase your energy and liven up your regular routine.


Doing yoga can have a significant effect on your thoughts and emotions. Breathing and gentle motions help to relax and calm your mind.

You might want to join these places in Plymouth, Ma, that offer different types of yoga.


Sports are an excellent way to get your body to release stress hormones. Develop self-confidence, discipline, and focus through sports activities.

Explore these exciting sports by joining a boxing or karate class in Plymouth, MA:

Walking for fun

Apart from its physical benefits, walking significantly impacts your mental health. It improves mental alertness, increases your energy, and elevates your mood. 

Luckily, Plymouth's walking groups conduct regular walking and hiking meet-ups. 


Meditation has proven to be a great exercise for the mind. It eliminates negative thoughts that affect emotional well-being. You'll also find yourself having a more healthy relationship with others. 

Connect your mind, body, and soul in these meditation places in Plymouth Ma:

Support Groups

Support groups usually conduct several peer meetings and activities that promote social interactions, which are vital to your recovery. Don't be afraid to open up and tell people how you feel. 

Plymouth Recovery Center provides peer-facilitated groups, sober social events, advocacy, coaching, family-led support, and self-help groups on-site. 

Family Activities

It's essential to spend time with people who genuinely care about you when going through a challenging time. 

Plymouth Ma is a fun place with plenty of things to do. We have chosen and listed some of the best places to visit and unwind for you:

  • Travel back in time and learn about life during the 1620s in Massachusetts at Plimoth Pawtuxet. You'll be amazed by the re-enactment of staff and school visitors.
  • Take a completely free visit to the National Monument to Our Forefathers. The historic state park includes great artistic representations of values and events. 
  • Bring your little ones to this family theme park at Edaville's. The staff is friendly and accommodating.
  • Take in the views of Brewster Gardens. This cozy place has beautiful scenery with lots of fun stuff to do at the waterfront. 

In Conclusion

Getting help from a professional is the best option if you're having problems managing a mental health problem.

You can get the right therapy and support as soon as you contact a therapist. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You might feel like your problem is too big to handle. However, with little advice and counseling, you may turn things around and start living a happier life.

What zip codes in and around Plymouth, MA, do Boston Evening Therapy Associates serve?

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