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We all need help once in a while. In today's society, many people fail to recognize the importance of their psychological well-being.

If you've never been to therapy before, you may have certain worries and negative thoughts that have kept you from attending your first session.

Starting today, things will begin to change for the better!

We'll guide you on the path to living your most meaningful life.

If you have any questions or concerns about finding a good therapist, how much therapy will cost, and how to attend therapy despite a busy schedule, we'll address them all right here on this page.

So, let's get this process started.

How Do I Find A Good Therapist in Fall River, Ma?

Having the courage to try psychotherapy could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

Make sure the therapist you plan to see is licensed and recognized before you set up an appointment. After a therapist's name, there should always be the letters "LMHC" or "LICSW." The letters "Ph.D." should be put at the end of a psychologist's name.

If you're someone who's dealing with a mental health problem, you must get immediate assistance from a qualified medical professional. It's important to put your trust in your therapist's skills and experience to help you.

Talking with others who have undergone similar therapy is a good idea. It's also okay if you don't want to talk about your mental health with others or see the same therapist as someone you know. If you don't want to deal with a lot of people, finding therapists online could be your best option.

You can even communicate and consult directly with a therapist through the internet.

The best thing about virtual therapy is that it gives you access to a much larger group of therapists, unlike local therapy.

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How Does Online and Teletherapy Work?

Online and teletherapy give you access to a licensed and certified therapist through an audio or video call. The therapist interacts with you the same way they do in a regular in-office therapy session.

You only need an internet connection, a phone, a computer, or a tablet to start your first therapy session from the comfort of your own home.

What Are The Advantages of Online and Teletherapy?

Online teletherapy has significant advantages. One of the best things about it is that you are not required to visit your therapist's office just to meet them.

Traveling to an office will take up much of your time and may even make you feel more frustrated.

Also, you never have to worry about running into someone you know in front of your therapist's office when you use virtual psychotherapy.

No one will ever know that you're seeing a therapist if you're not comfortable telling them.

Another benefit is that you can communicate with your therapist without leaving your home. Many people who need mental counseling or therapy would rather do this at home than in a therapist's office.

Internet and teletherapy are both much easier to access than in-person therapy. Don't be scared to try something new. You'll be surprised how easy it is.

Does Teletherapy and Online Therapy Work?

Online counseling and teletherapy are tremendously effective.

With the help of online therapy, many people have already made real progress. You can do it too!

Even though you may have just heard about it, the idea of therapy over the internet is not new. You wouldn't be the first to give it a go.

Most people who have tried online therapy never go back to in-person psychotherapy because it is so much more flexible.

How To Get Started with Therapy?

Simply complete this form to begin your online therapy journey.

Once the form has been reviewed, a therapist will get in touch with you right away. Easy, right?

How Much Does Psychotherapy Cost In Fall River, Ma?

A wide range of psychotherapy services are offered in Fall River, Ma. It's important that you find a therapist to whom you feel comfortable talking. If you don't feel at ease with your therapist, it won't be easy to open up to them. Even the best therapists can only help you if you would be openly honest with telling them about your situation.

At Boston Evening Therapy Associates, we believe that therapy should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We provide online psychotherapy for a fee of $165 each session.

Does Insurance cover Psychotherapy?

A significant number of therapists offer insurance. Make sure to check your therapist's insurance coverage and payment options before scheduling a session.

Boston Evening Therapy Associates accepts major plans, including Blue Cross, Optum/Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna, Tufts, Partners, and others. You can find out more about it here

Most insurance policies usually cover mental health diagnoses. Depending on your insurer, the amount covered and the amount you must pay may differ. Consult your insurance company before scheduling an appointment if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not your insurance plan covers therapy and how much of it is out of pocket.

Always check with your insurance company to know if there are any limitations on the type of medical professional you can see. Certain types of practitioners, such as psychotherapists and psychiatrists, are only covered by some insurance providers. Others may only deal with a select group of preferred providers and refuse to cover anything outside their network. Before your insurance company pays for mental health care, you may need a referral from your primary care physician.

How To Know What Kind Of Therapy Is Right For Me?

Often people do not know which therapy options will be beneficial to them. There is no such thing as a universal approach to therapy or counseling. Depending on the situation, each person will take a different approach to therapy.

Therapy approaches are frequently classified into "schools of thought."

There are a lot of methods and approaches to therapy. Psychoanalysis is one of the common types. It is a long-term psychotherapy program in which you must see your psychotherapist at least once a week.

Another approach is called Cognitive therapy. It's all about being aware and accepting of your own mental processes. With cognitive therapy, you can understand better why you react the way you do to particular situations and stimuli. People can change their thought and behavior patterns through cognitive therapy.

Some therapists also use psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic therapy examines a person's past in order to help them comprehend why and how it affects their behavior and emotions. It's a broad strategy that incorporates psychoanalysis.

Don't be scared! You don't have to figure out what kind of therapy is best for you.

Filling out our contact form is the best way to get in touch with us.

We would be happy to assist and guide you in determining which sort of therapy is best for you.

Types of counseling and therapy that we can provide in Fall River, MA:

What's The Difference Between Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Counselors?

If you're considering scheduling a session, you might ask what the difference is between therapists, psychologists, and counselors.

A counselor is a trained professional who assists people in identifying and resolving particular mental health issues. They seek to assist people in improving their communication skills and self-esteem. A counselor can also help patients build coping skills and make beneficial behavioral changes.

Psychotherapists, similar to counselors, are mental health professionals who help their patients improve their overall mental health. Counselors and therapists work on the same goal and address the same mental health challenges. The main difference is that psychotherapists spend much more time with their patients to help them resolve their mental health issues and understand what caused them in the first place.

Psychotherapy is a long-term method to improve mental health that focuses on the big picture. On the other hand, counseling is a short-term situational or problem-specific method. Keep in mind that the two have a lot in common, and a counselor or therapist can help you with various psychological problems.

Psychologists are the most qualified practitioners to assist those suffering from severe, long-term mental health problems.

Psychologists and psychiatrists often work together to combine the benefits of psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology.

Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Providers near Fall River, Ma:

You can check yourself into a Psychiatric Hospital if you believe you are suffering from a major mental health crisis, feel entirely out of control, and require immediate assistance.

You can look at the following Psychiatric hospitals in Fall River, MA, and the nearby areas:

What Activities Can I Do In Fall River, Ma, to Improve My Mental Health?

It's crucial to free your mind from all the stress and anxiety you've been feeling.

Aside from therapy, add activities to your routine that could definitely help you stay focused, learn new things, and meet people who share your interests. All of these elements contribute to recovery and healing.


Yoga can be a big help in your recovery journey. It can reduce your stress, create happiness and decrease the negative thoughts you've been feeling. 

You can practice yoga at home with the help of videos like this. 

If you're looking for yoga studios in Fall River, MA, there are a few options that you could join. Here are a few examples:

Sports & Martial Arts

Sports like Martial Arts can effectively release emotional tension while developing physical and mental strength in you. It builds up the discipline and willpower that is needed for healing and recovery.

Here are a few great places in Fall River, Ma, you could visit:

Walking For Fun

Adding walking to your routine won't cost you too much. Walking has a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Go for a stroll in nature. As we all know, nature has its own healing effects, especially when you are spending most of your time in the city.

Visit these places to walk around Fall River, Ma: 


Are you feeling anxious? Regulate your mood through mediation. Meditation increases a person's self-awareness and could help you stay focused. 

Here are some mediation groups that you could join:

Support Groups

It's okay to be open about your struggles with others. All you need to do is find a group of people like this one with whom you feel safe enough, to be honest about your emotions.

Empathy & friendship play a key role in coping with your psychological challenges.

Family Activities

Bring peace and happiness in your life with the help of people you love. When you're feeling down, it's extremely important to be surrounded by supportive friends and family members.

Here are a few fun things to do with your family in Fall River, MA:

Be fascinated by the story of Lizzie Borden House. One of America's most chilling unsolved murders. They offer rooms for an overnight stay. Tour guides are very informative and friendly. 

Visit some of the historical ships that were used during World War II and the Vietnam War Era at Battleship Cove

Taste the best beers in Fall River, Ma, at Canned Heat Craft Beer. You'll be amazed by how cozy this place is. Dogs are welcome too! 

Watch a performance at the Little Theater of Fall River to see an outstanding local theatrical music group. 

Take your little ones to the Children's Museum Greater Fall River. The museum aims to create an atmosphere that makes children love learning and strengthens family, education, and social bonds.


Studies from the National Library of Medicine show how exercise is good for your mental health as it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and bad moods. It could also boost your self-esteem and improve brain function.

Here are some exercises you could do in and around Fall River, MA:

  • Swimming - Enjoy the sun and have a dip in the ocean at Grinnel's Beach, located at Main Road, Tiverton, just a 13-minute drive away from downtown Fall River
  • Climbing  - is a great workout that offers you a sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of the wall. Leave some sweat and enjoy rock climbing at Carabiner's Climbing at Fitness Center
  • Cycling - is an excellent way of cardio that is much easier on your joints than running. Check out these route maps through Fall River. If you're still a beginner, you might want to follow this easy 21 miler path.
  • Fishing - Try this nice fishing spot at Cook Pond. Just keep in mind, there is nowhere to sit, so bringing a camping chair might be a good idea. 
  • Archery - If you want to learn a new skill, consider Archery. Buckley Family Archery is a great place to learn to shoot with a bow and arrow. It is very calming and can be incredibly rewarding when you hit a bull's eye. 

In Conclusion

Mental health is something most people don't take seriously enough. There is no shame in getting help for your mental health issue.

The sooner you call a therapist, the sooner you receive the help you require.

Physical and mental well-being are equally as important. With the help of counseling or psychotherapy, you will be able to get back on track and start living a happier and healthier life.

What zip codes in and around Fall River, MA, do Boston Evening Therapy Associates serve?

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Other cities near Fall River, MA that Boston Evening Therapy Associates serves:

  • Swansea, MA.
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