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If you're considering beginning therapy in Everett, our practice is eager to be a part of your journey towards positive change. We are dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and achieve substantial improvements. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, or facing issues like isolation, relationship or couples difficulties, persistent anger, or struggles with self-identity, our team of professional and empathetic therapists can provide valuable assistance. We offer both online therapy and in-person sessions in our Everett offices.

Online Therapy for Individuals, Couples, and Families in Everett

Our mission is centered on working with you to enhance your life. In partnership with your therapist, you will explore not just the challenges you face but also develop a vision for a healthier, more fulfilling life. We respect your insights as the expert on your own experiences, aiming to understand your specific goals for improvement and growth. Therapy, in a collaborative, trusting, and focused setting, has been demonstrated to be highly effective. If you're ready to take this important step, we're here to begin this journey with you.

About the City of Everett, Massachusetts

Everett, Massachusetts, a vibrant and growing city, is situated just north of Boston. Known for its diverse community and rich industrial history, Everett has evolved into a dynamic urban area with a strong sense of community.

With a population of over 46,000, Everett is characterized by its cultural diversity, reflecting the various ethnic groups that have shaped its history and community. This diversity is celebrated through a variety of cultural festivals, cuisine, and community events.

Everett offers numerous attractions and amenities, including well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and a developing waterfront area. The city is also home to the Encore Boston Harbor, a notable resort and casino that adds to the area's economic vitality and entertainment options.

The city's commitment to education is evident in its public school system, which aims to provide quality education tailored to the needs of a diverse student body. Everett's schools are known for their innovative programs and community engagement.

The governance of Everett includes a mayor-council government system, ensuring efficient administration while encouraging community involvement. This system allows for effective management of the city's resources and addresses the needs of its residents, while preserving Everett's unique identity as a close-knit, yet progressively growing city.

Types of counseling and therapy that we can provide in Everett, MA:

Major hospitals and health providers serving Everett

CHA Everett Hospital
103 Garland St
(617) 389-6270

CHA Cambridge Hospital
1493 Cambridge St
(617) 665-1000

MGH Chelsea Urgent Care
151 Everett Ave
(617) 884-8300

MelroseWakefield Hospital
585 Lebanon St
(781) 979-3000

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham
148 Chestnut St
(781) 453-3000

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Boston Evening Therapy Associates is dedicated to serving Everett residents. We understand that your schedule is busy and that it can be challenging to create time for personal well being and improvement no matter how vitally important it is.

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