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If you are looking for a therapist in Boston, we are here for you. We are prepared to work with you to achieve meaningful positive change in your life. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or a range of related concerns such as isolation, relationship problems, persistent anger or lack of insight and self-identity, perhaps therapy with a professional, insightful and understanding therapist with our practice can help. We offer online therapy as well as in person in our Cleveland Circle, Brighton offices.

One Important Shared Vision

We have a number of therapists representing diverse perspectives and therapy approaches, still, we share one important thing in common. We recognize that it is the quality of the therapy relationship your therapist develops with you; one of trust, authenticity, connection and reliability that is the foundation of all good therapy.

Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Our singular focus is to work with you to improve your life by providing meaningful and effective therapy and counseling. Together with your therapist, you can identify not only areas of pain which you seek to alleviate, but also a vision of a different, healthier and more hopeful way to live. We want to learn from you as the expert of your own life and understand how we can best be helpful. In collaboration in an environment of trust, alignment and focused work, great growth and change is possible whether it be in individual, couples or family therapy.

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How Does Online and Teletherapy Work?

Online and teletherapy offer access to a certified and licensed therapist using an audio or video call. A patient interacts with the therapist in the same way as during a conventional therapy session.

You only need an internet connection, a phone, computer, or tablet to start your first therapy session from the comfort of your own home.

You communicate with your therapist online in the same way that you would in a face-to-face session.

Does Insurance cover Psychotherapy?

A substantial percentage of therapists accept insurance. Before arranging a session, double-check your therapist’s insurance coverage and payment options.

At Boston Evening Therapy Associates, we accept major insurance plans such as Blue Cross, Optum/Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna, Tufts, Partners, and others. You may find out more about it by going to this page.

Most insurance plans cover mental health diagnoses to some extent. The amount covered and the amount you must pay out of pocket will vary depending on your insurer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether or not your insurance plan covers therapy or how much of it is covered, call your insurance company before making an appointment.

Always ask whether there are any limitations on the type of practitioner you can see. Some insurance companies only cover certain types of practitioners, such as therapists or psychiatrists. Others may have a preferred provider list that they only work with and will not cover anything outside of that network. A recommendation from your primary care physician may be required before your insurance company considers covering mental health treatment.

How To Know What Kind Of Therapy Is Right For Me?

Patients are frequently unsure about which treatment is best for them. When it comes to therapy and counseling, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Therapies are frequently classified into “schools of thought.”

Psychoanalysis is one of the most prevalent types of therapy. This is a long-term treatment in which you meet with your therapist at least once a week.

Another prominent option is cognitive therapy. It is centered on learning to recognize and comprehend your own mental processes. Cognitive therapy helps you understand why you react the way you do to certain situations and stimuli. The goal of cognitive therapy is to alter your mental and behavioral processes.

Another type of therapy that many therapists employ is psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic therapy delves into a patient’s past to assist them in understanding why and how their past influences their current lifestyle choices. It is a broad-based treatment that involves psychoanalysis.

Don’t be concerned! You are not required to determine which sort of therapy is best for you.

The best way forward is to reach out to us through our contact form.

We will gladly assist and advise you in determining the most appropriate sort of therapy for you.

Types of counseling and therapy that we can provide in Boston, MA:

What’s The Difference Between Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Counselors?

If you are thinking about booking a session, you may be wondering what the difference is between therapists, psychologists, and counselors.

A counselor is a professional who helps patients to find personalized solutions to problems causing mental anguish. They seek to help to improve communication and self-esteem. A counselor will also help a patient learn coping mechanisms and implement positive behavior changes.

Just as Counselors, Psychotherapists are professionals that help their patients improve their mental health. Counselors and therapists perform similar tasks and treat the same mental health issues. The key difference is that psychotherapists go into much more depth and help their patients resolve their mental health issues and assist them in understanding what caused them in the first place. 

Commonly psychotherapy is understood to be a long-term approach that addresses the grand scheme of things and counseling a more situation or problem-specific short-term approach to improving mental health. Keep in mind that both have considerable overlap, and often, a seeing counselor or a therapist can be equally appropriate for several mental health conditions. 

Psychologists usually work with severe, long-lasting mental health issues as they are the most qualified.

Psychologists often work together with psychiatrists to combine the benefits of therapy with medication such as antidepressants.

Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Providers near Boston, Ma:

If you think you are suffering from a severe mental health issue, feel entirely out of control, and need immediate assistance, you can check yourself into a Psychiatric Hospital.

These Psychiatric Hospitals are available to you in and around Boston, MA:

What Activities Can I Do In Boston, Ma, to Improve My Mental Health?

Aside from therapy, it may be a good idea to develop some new habits that will benefit your mental health.

This will assist you in staying focused, broadening your horizons, and meeting like-minded people. All of these factors are critical to a successful recovery and healing process.


Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and take care of your mental health

There are many yoga places in Boston, so you shouldn’t have difficulties finding one that suits your needs and expectations. 

Here are some popular Yoga places in Boston:

Sports & Martial Arts

Sports and Martial Arts are excellent outlets for aggression and can significantly reduce stress while improving your confidence. 

Here are some great places that you might want to try out:

Walking For Fun

Another popular technique to deal with stress and negative feelings is to go for a walk. Getting out in nature has long been thought to be a form of natural therapy.

You have the option of walking alone or in a group.

Many groups in and around Boston get together on a regular basis to go for a walk.

You can talk to others, make new acquaintances, and have someone hold you accountable when you walk in a group.

Sticking to self-care routines like walking might be difficult. It’s a lot easier to stay committed to regular walks when others are counting on you to show up.

There are many walking groups in Boston that you can join. 

Here are some popular options for you:


Apart from therapy, one of the best things you can do for your mental health is to practice breathing techniques and focus your thoughts, also known as meditation. This will be especially helpful if you find it difficult to calm all of the thoughts that constantly bombard you during the day.

You can try out mediation on your own or join a mediation group.

If you want to try out mediation on your own, it can be helpful to make use of mediation instruction videos. There are many free ones on Youtube like this one.

If you would rather try out mediation in a group, these are popular options available to you in Boston:

Support Groups

Support groups are a great way to meet others facing the same issues as you. The most well-known support group is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but there are so many more for a plethora of common mental health issues. 

Family Activities

Especially when going through a difficult time, it is crucial to spend quality time with your friends and family. These are the most critical relationships in your life. It is essential to take good care of them. 

Here are some great activities that you can do with your family:

In Conclusion

The best thing you can do if you’re having trouble dealing with a mental health problem is to get help from a therapist.

The sooner you contact a therapist, the sooner you can receive the appropriate therapy and assistance. It’s critical to remember that mental health is just as vital as physical health. You may feel as if your problem is overwhelming. You can, however, get back on track and begin living a happier life with a bit of guidance and counseling.

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