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"We are here to provide you the highest standard of therapy for you to be your best self. Prioritize your mental and emotional health today.
You are worth it."
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“The magic of good therapy begins when you feel truly and deeply heard. To be fully understood by a reliable and trusted person unlocks enormous healing and growth capacities within”
Aaron Gilbert, Founder
Boston Evening Therapy Associates
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What People are Saying

"Boston Evening Therapy Associates has been a true blessing. I work a lot and am raising kids on my own. The flexibility alone that they offer schedule-wise was so hard to find. Nights...weekends..."off" hours...additionally, my personal experience with their therapists (I have worked with two) has been life-changing. (positive). I refereed a friend about 6 months ago and he is visibly doing much better...I can see it just from being around him. Lots of every qualified therapists with flexible schedules in a calming environment. Very grateful I found them."
"The clinicians at BET are exceptional and incredibly responsive to your needs. They give you concrete tools to manage stress and more mindfully and deliberately make choices in alignment with your core values. I've found myself to be more present, fulfilled, and capable of weathering whatever storm life may bring my way because of the support Anindita and Nancy offered. I truly cannot thank them enough!"
"Aaron Gilbert and his team of therapists are really exceptional! I am so impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of their services. I so highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking therapy for themselves or a family member."

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer in-person and virtual therapy?

Yes. We offer both. Our offices are in Brookline, Cleveland Circle. Currently availability is limited but will increase. Virtual therapy online is available anywhere in Massachusetts.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most major private insurance. We are not contracted with MassHealth or Medicare and suggest you contact them for a full list of providers.

How long do I have to be in therapy?

You are fully in charge of your therapy and we will always respect that. It is worth understanding that therapy usually works best as a process rather than a very brief intervention. Developing trust, connection and rapport with a therapist does not happen instantly. Generally short term therapy could be understood as 6-12 sessions, medium term up to 24 and beyond that would be longer term. A lot depends on your goals for therapy and the range of issues that you would like to improve. It is best to think of it as an investment in your life and well-being. We also encourage you to discuss all of these questions directly with your therapist whenever they arise for you.

Outside of therapy what can I do?

Absolutely, therapy is only one tool of many that can make a significant difference in the quality of your life. Some others with clear and demonstrable positive impact include
1. Prioritize your sleep quality and amount
2. Spend time outside every day and expose your eyes to natural sunlight (not just through windows but actually direct light) Ideally get early morning and late afternoon light in your eyes as well as this helps you to better align to your Circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality
3. Exercise and stretch (walking, body stretching, yoga, bodyweight and/or lifting weights
4. Bring positivity to your personal interactions, sharing a kind word of support and smile with friends or just someone in the grocery store on a regular basis is helpful to the giver
5. Meditation or quiet mindful contemplation and gratitude. Sitting still in quiet for 3-30 minutes on a regular basis, being still and just paying attention to your unencumbered breathing can overtime be very grounding and calming.
6. Be curious. There likely are many other pursuits that can be specifically helpful to you. Be open to new ideas.
7. When possible, cultivate optimism. Life is absolutely uncertain. Arguments can be made for optimism and pessimism. The difference is that optimism provides a higher degree of space for well-being and emotional strength. Seek to err on the side of positivity and optimism as often as possible.
8. Be kind to yourself. Challenge negative or hostile self-talk. All of us have dark sides and all of us are highly imperfect beings. Seek to do good, but be kind to and forgiving of yourself when you fail to do so.
More frequently asked questions

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